Barametric pressure and Sjogren's

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has increased pain when there is a lower barametric pressure? I live in the area where Hurricane Hermine is and I have been hurting all over for the last 4 days!! Ugh!!!

I'm on Long Island in NY and I can say a resounding yes. I tend to feel it more when there are real fluctuations in the barometer more than just it being high. We have stretches of days or weeks where isolated storms come through so its going up and down a lot and fast. Those are the times that i get into a bad flair (like now). I have friends with lupus or fibro and they hurt the same days i do. Fun fun. Animals can sense storms before they hit, so its no wonder our bodies feel it.


Thanks for the reply! I had a feeling that might be the problem. I knew I hadn't eaten anything recently that would have set it off.