I started Benlysta in August for Lupus. I have noticed improvement in my Sjogren's symptoms.

Less dry mouth and eyes. does anyone else take benlysta and noticed an improvement?

Hi PB,

Glad to hear that you are noticing improvement. Oddly enough, my Sjogren’s improved while I was on Enbrel for 2 years. It has never been proven to be of any help for this, and even though it did not seem to be of tremendous help while taking it, it certainly was when I stopped it.

I only have 3 shots (6 weeks) of Humira in me at present, and am having a tough time tolerating it. I don’t notice any improvement to anything yet, but it’s early, so I’m ever hopeful.

It’s a big job for any med right now with such brutal weather!

I hope that you continue to see improvement, not only with the Sjogrens, but also with the Lupus!