Creatinine Levels

My GP took some bloods as I hav'nt been well, she was concerned my ceatinine level was 400., so she wrote to my consultant. I saw him last night and he said he can't see why my GP was concerned, he said athletes can have level of 1000 or more ( im 58 and no athlete). I am worried about it, should I be concerned or just ignore it.

I would encourage you to get back in contact with your consultant and explain your concerns. It is your right to ask questions about your health and your test results.

I agree…always ask the question. I tend to ask more than one doc the same question, actually. They all see things or explain things slightly differently so i end up with a nice full picture. And, I learn better what questions to ask the next time.

I found a great online resource to help me understand about different blood tests and what questions to ask my doctors. Here is the link LabTestsOnline