Dry Eyes and using PC

Having had sever dry eyes since February this year the two things I am having problems with are using PC's and still unfortunately the driving - I just cannot keep my eyes open for any length of time and using a PC for more than about 20 mins is just excrutiatingly uncomfortable, irritates my eyes even further if that is possible and it takes about an hour of keeping my eyes closed afterwards to get them into a fit state to use again!

I have punctual plugs inserted, use artificial tears - gel form - preservative free plus vit B12 drops; I take several supplements all vits and minerals you would expect plus flax seed oil supplements, Due o the dry mouth I am all oily fished out really - that being my main source of protein that I can actually swallow without drinking gallons of water to swallow, so all in all I think i am doing everything i can for the dry eyes, and I fear this is as about as good as it gets!

Anyway my main question is has anyone or does anyone use software from a voice recognition software and also text to voice; So I can avtually use the PC with my eyes shut, i could probably dictate emails, etc use my accounts software for bueiness, dictate or posting of FB pages, doing this sort of post for example, and also get something to read out the screen to me, the email, etc

Thanks for your comments, suggestions in advance!