Eye Scrap and New Membrane Surgery?


Fair warning this is kind of gross.

One of my eyes has had some abrasions from dryness. This normally happens when I wake up and open my eye's for the first time. Once you have an abrasion that eye will have more, the question is how often.

I have an eye specialist who specializes in the exterior of the eye. He's suggesting that I have eye surgery where he will scrape off the outer membrane of my eye and he will replace it with a new membrane from a placenta.

Apparently the issue is that my membrane has not grown back in a way that secures it to my eye. The placenta has growth properties that should make the new membrane to attach like an original undamaged membrane.

Have any of you had this procedure done? If so, was it worth it?

Now that I know I have SS and more about how to protect my eyes better than I used to, a new start might be a good thing and should prevent me from having more abrasions down the road. But it's a high pain procedure and I have some concern that the new membrane could be damaged by dry eye and then I'm right back to where I am now.


I assume the physician you're seeing is a cornea specialist. I also have a cornea disease called Saltzman's Nodular Degeneration (in addition to SS) which causes corneal abrasions and dry patches. I would get a second opinion before going through with the surgery. Placental membrane is sometimes used on the corneas as a type of "bandage". Sometimes it becomes a permanent fix and sometimes it does not. If it fails, usually the only alternative is a cornea transplant. Remember that when you receive placental membrane tissue it is similar to receiving a blood transfusion or an organ donation in that the possibility for disease transmission from the donor always exists. While the donors are tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C, they do not test for other diseases. As an epidemiologist I have seen a number of communicable diseases transmitted in this way. I have also had numerous corneal abrasions in the last 10 years or so and I know how painful they can be. Tear duct plugs did not work for me, but Restasis plus and OTC ointment as night has made it tolerable. Anytime someone has an autoimmune disease, second opinions concerning surgery should definitely be considered. Good luck!

I have the odd issue also of getting small cysts in the outer layers of the eye. If I'm not careful they will stick to the eyelid as thy push closer to the surface…yes, its crazy painful. I use Muro128 which helps a great deal for that. The more benign nighttime ointments tend to be vaseline and mineral oil, which you may want to try. It makes a huge difference in comfort both during the night and first thing in the morning.

I have never heard of that type of surgery but I have to say it sounded a bit extreme for a first line of defense. i agree with SamKat. I'd ask tons of questions and consider a second opinion also.

Thank you SamKat and EnjoyLife.

I think I will get a second opinion. I've been seeing this specialist for right at a year and I do use Muro 128 and eye drops several times a day. I'm partially to blame for this latest abrasion. While my eyes have been dry it hasn't been really bad for a while and I've kind of slacked off with the drops. I told the dr this too. This is the first time he's mentioned this procedure was even an option.

I'm going to make some calls tomorrow and see about setting up an appointment for a second opinion.

Thank you again,


Keep us posted though…I am very curious about it.

Will do, thanks