Has anyone else on Immunosuppressants been screened for 'latent TB'?

This was new to me, of course I have been often tested for TB, especially before starting a new immunosuppressant, but this was the first actual blood test in search of latent TB.

I was given a TB gold test, fortunately it was negative. I was rather miffed about the copay being well over $300.00, but would have been more upset had it come up positive.


I was in August it was a required to start my new med. Thankfully mine was negative. They actually put my med on hold for 2 weeks until the doctor could get the results and verify them.

It must be something new! I just started the rutuximab and did a regular TB test. Very interesting!! Glad your test is fine.

Hi purplebutterfly and Country girl,

Yes, it is so new that my Internist was unfamiliar with this test.

How are you two tolerating the new meds?

I'm struggling, it's a much stronger dose than the twice a week Enbrel, the Humira is a once every two week shot, so you certainly feel it! I'm hanging on, trying to adjust to it. See the Rheum again in a month.