Humira question

Quick question… I am using Humira injectable every 2 weeks for S and RA. It hasn’t done anything to help but I have to take it for a few more weeks before my Rheumatologist can prescribe what he thinks will work thanks to my insurance company! I have had a cold sinusy infection that just keeps on keeping on (it’s about 4 weeks now) and have already taken 2 injections while I’ve had it. I’m wondering if this is as big of a deal as the medication inserts say it is. I am 1 day late already from the day I need to take the shot and the soonest I could ask my Rheumy is Tues… What do you guys think? I’m not asking for medical advice but rather has anyone been in the same situation and how was it resolved? Thanks for your help.

I'm not on Humira, but am on Enbrel. My rheumy has pretty hard and fast rules about waiting. I've had to delay for an infection on my finger, a stomach bug, a mild cold, etc. The problem is that you can wind up with secondary infections, spreading infection, etc. I wasn't overly concerned when I was sick, but I had a spreading infection from my fingernail being pulled back. Within 24 hours, it was clearly infected, and spreading, even with appropriate cleaning and wound care.

Hi TL,

I'm just starting Humira, but was on Embrel for about 2 years prior. Anyone who has ever taken it knows about the danger of infections.

I surely don't want to tell you either way, as I am NOT a Doctor, but it may be better to delay it until talking to your prescribing Physician. Is it possible to call the ER and ask them?

BTW, may I ask how long you had taken Humira before the Doctor determined that it was not working? Was this for RA, PsA?

I take it for PsA, without the psoriasis.

Hi SK, I took Methotrexate injectable for 1 1/2 years and stopped due to massive hair loss. My Rheumy wanted me to take Orencia but my insurance said that I had to try at least a 3 month trial of Humira AND Enebral first. I am at the end of my 3 months of Humira and my arthritis has just gotten worse and worse. I can almost feel my arthritis / SS get worse by the day. I guess a better answer would be that I have not noticed it helping in 3 months. I know a lot of people who have been helped by this med but I haven’t been. Good luck. Thanks for the thoughts about taking Humira while sick, I think I will wait and talk to my Rheumy.

Hi TL,

My Rheum had me stay on Enbrel, my first biologic for nearly a year before determining it was helping. He said sometimes it takes other people awhile for it to be a noticeable improvement.

Hi TL,

Wondering how you're doing today? I know this weather is really hitting me hard. More snow and ice on the way tonight through tomorrow, and of course the winds are howling again.

Yesterday and today were really rough ones, but I seemed to improve after taking my Humira shot, could it be a sign that it's working? I hope you can soon find a med to give you some good results. There are NO good types of arthritis! Hope you feel much better very soon.

Wishing you well,


Hi SK,

I went to the Ready Clinic on Sunday because I felt like I was getting worse and sure enough it was moving into my lungs. The Nurse Practioner gave me a Zpac and told me to go ahead and take my scheduled Humira shot. Neither my husband or I felt good about the shot so I waited and called my Rheumy on Monday and he said to NOT take the shot until I was all well. I thought the NP knew what she was doing with the sinus and chest congestion but I was a bit worried when neither she nor the RN doing the intake knew what Trigeminal Neurolgia was. She also told me I was ok to go to work but I knew I was too sick for that too and I am home through tomorrow. Ok, I guess all she was right about was the RX!

I have known of several people who have had great results on Humira, I hope you are one. A friend of mine whose husband has RA and SS was pretty miserable until Humira-- now he is about 75% better. I hope it works for you! The bad part about it all is that Methotrexate worked somewhat for me but I just couldn't stand losing all my hair from it-- sounds trivial but after everything I have been through it was the one thing that really broke me-- so I begged to switch.

We have had great weather here in the Northwest-- sun, no rain, it seems like Spring. I am sorry for all the snow and cold. I can not handle any cold anymore, I used to love it but it brings so much pain now. Take care!

Well, isn't that a comfort, even I know what TN is! Just the worst pain imaginable, and that is right in the books, every single definition.

I had never been taken off a biologic while given meds for an infection, so there are different theories, I guess, but if they really aren't helping the arthritis, why take it?

No, that kind of hair loss is NOT trivial, not to me! I have been dropping hair like crazy for 30 years, but more and more now. I only lasted 90 on MX, it was no help, but the hair loss got worse when on it.

NO rain in the NW? Really? Hard to believe, but happy for you! We are to get 6-8 inches or more tonight! UGH! Low barometric pressure all day! Gonna be a morphine, Zanaflex, and Lidoderm patch night! I had to go for groceries, the grand kids are supposed to come in numbers to spend the weekend, so my mom and I came home with 15 bags plus of groceries! HA! 'Bout did us in, but gotta feed the kids! Anyway, I don't dare take anything other than Daypro and Lyrica to drive, so gonna hit it tonight!

Thank you TL, I really hope the Humira works too! As BAD as I felt the day before the shot was due, and once I took it on Tues, I started to feel better, so I'm really hoping it was NOT a coincidence!

I hope your next med 'does the trick', time to find some relief!