Is there any safe beverages?

I was looking for beverages that are okay for those of us who have sjogrens these safe on the teeth enamel. Please let my know Tina

I'm assuming that you meant in addition to water?


I don’t drink soda at all but still drink fruit juice. You can rinse your mouth after drinking so that the acid from the juice doesn’t harm your teeth. I also dilute juice before I drink.

Water is the best. Tea sweetened with a sweetener other than sugar is OK, I think.

Hi, I find water is all I can drink but that’s because sjogrens causes problems with my stomach .
Oh I think green tea is meant to be good.
Hope you find something nice to drink !

I don't know of any pre-made drinks on the market that don't have an acidic quality to them. I drink lots of water.

I also make green drinks with vegetables and low acid fruit in my NutraBullit. I figure I get some vitamins and minerals that way, like C, D, A which are all good for dental health. I get bored with just plain water. Xylitol can be used to sweeten, or stevia. If you can have your nutrient levels checked to see if your low on any. Got to do everything to preserve our teeth with this Sjogrens. It all helps.

I used to drink more herbal teas but some can affect tooth enamel too. Chammomile is known to be safe for tooth enamel. I steep fresh ginger in boiling water, sweeten with stevia and pour over a lot of ice, or chill it. Think of something that you like the taste of and google it to see if it is alkaline or acidic. Just avoid acidic ones.

I know, it's slim pickens.

Good luck, let me know if you come up with any more good ones.


- The only thing my dentist has said about drinks for the Sjogrens is to drink TAP water. Tap water has fluoride in it. Almost all bottled waters has had the fluoride removed. I've seen one for babies that had fluoride.

- I like to make drinks with the tap water. I got a Soda Stream last Christmas. It's nice because I can now make sugar free caffeine free drinks and I don't have to lug in heavy drinks. It's nice for making carbonated drinks. I'm not big on the diet caff. free coke, only because I can't figure out how to make it taste just like the real thing.

Hope this helps.


Carbonation can be an issue too, can’t it?


Thanks for posting that article, the first one mentioned using mineralized toothpaste. I found this link that has a recipe for homemade mineralized toothpaste, and the second link points out bad ingredients and some more alternatives to use for brushing.


Kaz said:

Here is a good article in regards to softdrinks and enamel erosion. In regards to brushing teeth they state do NOT brush teeth immediately after consumption. The general rule is to wait minimum of 15 minutes after consuming anything with sugar in it before brushing, although one hour is the recommended time. This also goes for foods like yoghurts etc., as they also contain a lot of sugar...

This comes from the UK governments website:

Ideally, brush your teeth either just before eating, or at least an hour after eating. The reason for this is to help prevent tooth erosion. Many foods contain acids. In particular, fizzy drinks (including fizzy water) and fruit juices. After your teeth are exposed to acid, the enamel is a little softened. But, the action of calcium and other mineral salts in the saliva can help to counteract and reverse this softening. Therefore, do not brush teeth immediately after eating when the enamel tends to be at its softest. In particular, after eating or drinking acid foods and drinks. It is best to wait at least an hour after eating or drinking anything before brushing.

Another good site to have a read of:

Hi Kaz,

The videos were so funny! It's all about advertising and jumping on the bandwagon these days. More choices to soak up our money. Creeps.

I recently tried Squigle toothpaste and it's been working out pretty good. There are two schools of thought on fluoride. Seems its a toxin, but mainstream dentists still promote its use. I know I still get fluoride in my water but I avoid it in my toothpaste. Your concoction is just about like what I make when I use homemade toothpaste. I like that too. I didn't like the essential oils in there either.

This is just one link that discusses fluoridation. Seems it was a fight to have it added to the water system and now it is a fight to try to take it our. Figures.

Even if fluoride does actually help protect the teeth(ongoing debate too), claims that it affects the thyroid bother me. You never know how your body will react to substances. Some people bodies naturally detox everything out real good, and then other NOT. I'm in the latter category. :'( If something works for me I just do that and hope for the best. It's been a lot of trial and error for me.


Kaz said:

Hi allergic,

I actually use a homemade concoction myself. Most of the time I clean my teeth with fluroide toothpaste first. Then I use my conconction of coconut oil, baking soda and a little sea salt. I will not put essential oils into mine as I feel they will be damaging to the teeth and/or body - just my personal opinion as they are not meant to actually be ingested.

Sometimes I will make my conconction and add my toothpaste directly into that. That is an alternative if people don't like the flavour of coconut oil, baking soda and salt. If one wants to also whiten teeth a little they can add a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide into this as well. I do this once a week.

That's just what I personally use and have managed to retain good oral health even though I lack saliva...

Have a watch of this short video clip. It's from Australia where we have short videos called the Check Out looking at products. Basically all the different kids of toothpaste out there are all the same. The most important thing is fluoride. All the rest is just marketing grabbing peoples $$$$$

This video highlights about sugar in yoghurt. It's very good.