New "Kid" on the Block

Hi, checking in! I'm new here, not yet officially diagnosed with Sjoren's but on the way. I also have a genetic condition called MEN-1, which causes the endocrine system to develop nodules/tumors and the wreaking of havoc on hormones. I also have/had a congenital heart defect, an aneurysm in the Sinus of Valsalva, which is rarely found in time.

Overlapping of symptoms is something with which I'm familiar... I have a nodule on my sub-mandibular salivary gland (right) and extreme, debilitating fatigue, which is what is pointing to Sojren's. I look forward to posting. learning, and supporting!

Hi Whitehorse,
Welcome to you. Well I am diagnosed with RA, Sjogrens and Fibro… I can identify with anyone who has severe fatigue which is basically screwing up there life. I have been dealing with that for 6 or so years…I think it’s like the stages of grief for me. This is one journey that sharing it can lesson the pain.
Thanks for the introduction. I never heard of MEN-1. Is it very rare?
Have a good night.