Weird ways your body speaks to you

This is my first discussion post so I hope it works!

Since I really started getting ill, I've noticed that once I do a certain arbitrary level of physical activity, my left ear blocks. Only ever my left ear. I believe it's the Eustachian tube, and it makes hearing myself when I'm speaking, and hearing others, difficult. Does anyone else have their ear(s) block when they've done a lot?

Another, less frequent 'tell' of my body's having overdone activity, is my lymph nodes in my throat becoming swollen and tender/achey.

My question for you all is, do you have certain symptoms/"things" your body does that tells you when you've overexerted yourself, almost like a warning to SLOW DOWN NOW or you'll have a flare?

Hello! I sometimes get a hoarse throat and it sounds a little like laryngitis. But it’s not. I also get a “pretend” fever sometimes. My head and sinuses are warm to the touch and I feel clammy, headachy and fatigued…but no fever. These are the two things that stand out in my mind when I’m over tired lately.

Thanks for sharing :) That is so strange, the 'almost' fever you describe! It's good in a way that we can recognise these symptoms that rise up, and use them as a warning to slow down and rest.

Nomad said:

Hello! I sometimes get a hoarse throat and it sounds a little like laryngitis. But it's not. I also get a "pretend" fever sometimes. My head and sinuses are warm to the touch and I feel clammy, headachy and fatigued...but no fever. These are the two things that stand out in my mind when I'm over tired lately.

Hi lilacs!

Great topic, thanks for posting!

I would say that my biggest warning is my 'off switch', It's when my body is completely out of energy and I need to either take a nap or turn in for the night. There is a brief time window there, and if I do not slow down, lay down, then and there, then I go into a cannot sleep type of 'hyper exhaustion 'and get in the 'zombie zone', and if this perpetuates, I pass right by the flare and have the 'crash'!

Then there is the 'foot drop' and limp, not being able to stand erect, I know it's time to sit down, lay down, slow down!

So this is the weird way my body speaks to me!

Can anyone else relate to this?

Thanks again lilacs, and welcome!

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Hi Lilac,

I have a fullness in my ears and a fullness in my neck which I thought was my lymph nodes as well. Last summer, I developed a fungal infection in my ear. YUCK! I have also had a chronic cough for almost 9 months now, and it is making me miserable. I’m a nurse, and I definitely believe our bodies let us know when it needs rest. We have to learn to listen!

My body actually shuts down. I have to lie down and usually sleep three hours to recover. This can be at any time of the day, but is often after exercise or UV exposure. At the moment I am in an extended flare, so I've become very insensitive to my body's messages, so thank you for the reminder to listen better.

My illness, when it began 24 years ago was heavily characterized by swollen lymph nodes and sore throat, and they have pretty much remained that way (it's just a question of degree). That is not a good 'tell' for me.

Take care!

Hi Lilac, I have a permanently blocked left ear!
The most usual thing when i have overdone things is an overwhelming exhaustion and very hoarse voice although i think it is related to the exhaustion as my throat isn’t sore.
My main indicator is that i suddenly change from feeling quite cheerful to feeling nothing but doom and gloom. At that point i know that i need to give in and rest.
Thanks for this helpful topic x


My ears have been giving me so much trouble the last 3 months and you are right they flair after I try to live a normal life! Make sure the pain in your throat is not from thyroid problems. I just discovered that my throat pain is from three thyroid nodules that we're investigating. You'll love it here, so much support. Sure hope you feel better soon, Michelle

When I need to sleep...then I need to sleep. If I don't stop and listen, then it will progress rapidly into a full blown flare. I often end up with upper respiratory infections as a result.

Hi, I know when my legs get heavy it's time to slow down. Also my neck swells. If for some reason I don't listen to my body and rest a debilitating exhaustion sets in. When that happens I usually can't function for at least 3 days.. So I guess I need to be kinder to myself and listen!

Wow, thank you all so much for your responses! It's so interesting to read of your experiences and different warnings your body has that you need to slow down. I've noted that there's a particular theme for sudden feelings of intense exhaustion, fullness of the ears and lymph nodes. I'm glad to have sparked a discussion about this and helped a few of you to remember to listen to your bodies! I know that when I'm in a flare and all my symptoms are sending me signals at once, it can be overwhelming so I just shut it out.

@Kaz, thanks for all the information you've shared. I'm going to have a look at the links you provided in a moment. I'm sorry to hear you had such a frightening episode with the sound of that machine! Luckily I have never experienced anything similar. My hearing and balance have never caused me issues enough to have any tests done. I only get slight vertigo when I'm at a height, like walking over an overpass, but I think that is just fear-of-heights related.

I'll take your advice and bring up my eustacian tube blocking 'warning sign' when I next see my GP. From others' answers it appears to be a quite common symptom with this condition, but you're correct in saying that it's best to run this past my doctor in case anything further develops in the future, such as you experienced. Wish me luck that if my GP does check for PET it does just turn out to be that, because I highly doubt I'd be able to get a referral to an ENT, let alone a CT scan.

Again thank you all who've posted for your contributions to this discussion thread! :D And I hope you are all having a good day.