Where does it hurt?

My primary disease is Psoriatic Arthritis (spondylitis type), secondary is Sjogren's and Raynaud's, so just about everything hurts! My worse area would hands down be the SI joints, and it's been a 'morphine kind of day' for the past two!

Tell me, what hurts you?

All I have is SS…I wonder about the same thing because when I explained to the doc "where it hurts" at my first visit, he said that was odd because it wasn't places that Sjoggies usually are affected. Where are we usually affected? LOL

I told him that the pain radiates to the point that while I believe it is joint related rather than muscle pain, I can't always tell. Mine sits in the fingers, wrists, shoulders, low back & hips mostly. Then sometimes the knees and elbows.

I am very curious as to what others experience.

Dry mouth; prone to dental problems and possibly contributed to TN
Dry eyes; prone to scratched cornea
Fatigue; often very bad
Prone to sinus problems/infections
Prone to bronchitis
Intermittent body aches
Prone to migraines (often very bad)
Dry skin (all over)
Prone to IC (bladder issues)
Prone to weird nerve pain

These are just some of my symptoms I can attribute to SS. probably forgetting some.