A very warm welcome to Pamela from Indiana


Hi there, Pamela

Welcome to Sjogren’s Syndrome Support.

I understand that your doctor believes you have sjogren’s syndrome. How are you finding your current methods of treatment?

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How are you managing on the site so far, Pamela?

Hope to hear from you soon,


Right now, I am on Pilocarpine. It helps, but makes me sweat terribly. I use Biotene products, too. Love the dry mouth spray. I use it during the night when I wake up coughing, too.

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That is great that the spray is working for you. You might like the Biotene moisturizing mouth rinse, too.

Please keep us updated on how things are going!


Love the mouth rinse, too. I use it before I head out the door in the morning before work or any other time after I get home. I can’t imagine what it was like for people with dry mouth before these products. They are a God-send.

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