Autonomic nervous system dysfunction symptoms

This is one of the suspected causes of Sjogren's Syndrome. Are there any symptoms here that you can relate to?

At least half. Dizziness which I always just figured was caused from my blood pressure issues. Everything involving not digesting food is a factor in my body & I need major help in that department and I sweat in the cold (the weirdest thing ever).

I sweat more in cold weather than in warm. Always sweated excessively under my arms and also my feet!
Yes, I have 4 on the list!

I have all of these symptoms, and then some - ah Sjogrens, the gift that keeps on giving.

My sweating is profuse and all over, it's worse on my face and in my hair - even in wintertime, I always look like I have just gotten out of the shower it's so wet. On warm days I retreat to air conditioning and have resorted sleeping with a bedroom one on all the time. I run it on the fan and dehumidifyer cycle in winter (we have quite high humidity even in winter where I am). Some really hot days I've had to resort to using (please don't laugh) long bar towels under my breasts and tucked into my bra just to trap some of the sweat pouring down my neck and chest. Needless to say, I have a very hard time balancing my electrolytes and keeping hydrated. Thankfully I work in a pathology lab so I have access to testing them when I need to, and I've now gotten pretty good at adjusting my oral rehydration solutions and diet to compensate. The dizziness can strike out of the blue - and very often for me I get nystagmus with it (rapid involuntary flicking of the eyes from side to side), which just makes me feel worse, because I can't use visual clues around me to stay upright. Sometimes the dizziness is associated with positional hypotension (blood pressure dropping when I stand up), my doctor didn't believe me so I wore a blood pressure monitor for a few days and logged every event to prove it. And as for the digestive problems, the doc was more than happy to atrribute it all to diverticulitis, untill I showed him a barium swallow and ultrasound taken long before my diverticulits developed - along with a copy of the clinical notes that showed they were investigating those very symptoms. I personally suspect (as does my gastroenterologist) that the diverticula formed as a result of the extra stress my intestines were put under from those very symptoms. I so wish that for us, we could walk into a consulting room for an afternoon with every single specialist we have to see present at the same time - and they all listen at the same time, and consult with each other about their 'bit'. Now I know I'm dreaming, but wouldn't it be nice?

Hi all,

I'm kind of confused (which is not an unusual state for me.) I was diagnosed with dysautonomia in December of last year. I was tested and diagnosed by the doctor who helped develop the autonomic disease testing center at Mayo. She told me that my dysautomonia was caused BY my Sjogren's, not the other way around. Can it be both a cause and result?


I have 4 of these on-going, and 1 that comes and goes and was a lot worse in the past. The sweating is new, so I thought it might be drug related from Cymbalta which I take for Trigeminal Neuralgia, which is of course a nerve problem. Just one big circle.

My Neuro doc said he thought 'most' of my problems regarding the sweating, dizziness etc. was from me just 'being off'.... I'm glad to know that I'm not alone, sometimes I wonder. I'm so glad to be on this site....I learn so much from all of you. Thanks.

Oh my Heavens was this a timely post! I have been suffering terribly from 4 of the symptoms listed and thought I was going crazy, first I thought it was the flu, then possible diabetes and when I checked my sugar it was normal. I made a doctors appointment during one of the worse flares and will see doctor tomorrow and I am taking this article to him. If anyone thinks our blog is just people complaining, here is a perfect example of the education we are exposed to on a on-going basis. I am so thankful for our group. I will post what doctor says.

Who knows which one causes the other, but all of this could just be why my DC continues to insist that I have RSD! He's in the right neighborhood anyway!

It's just one more thing that clicks!

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