Bakers cyst

Just wondering if this is another present from sjogrens also does anyone else suffer with these?

They’re pretty common. I don’t think sjogrens did it, personally. If you get it removed they don’t to come back too, unfortunately.

I've had 2 ganglion cysts (also known as baker's cysts as far as I know). One in my wrist and one in my shoulder. don't believe they're specifically associated with Sjogren's but I could be wrong.

Wonderful, that’s why my shoulder hurts so bad. I was under the impression that you only got them behind your knees. Did your burst or did they get drained ? Yuck ! This stuff is like the never ending story. One of my favorite movies!!!

I had one in my wrist that went away after several months with splinting during the day while I was on the keyboard, and overnight. The other one was in my shoulder joint and it required surgery. I tried chiro, massage, accupuncture, years of physiotherapy, even TENS to help reduce the muscle guarding and pain. Nothing worked until I had it scoped. When they opened me up there was a bone spur plus the cyst, and from all the years of rubbing - bursitus also. Scoping and the surgeon scraping everything clean was the key to my healing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm facing similar pain in my other shoulder now and I won't wait as long to do surgery if it turns out the other one has a cyst too.

Why is it that cysts and bone spurs like to keep each other company? I have both through out my body!

Glad you had such success with the surgery, Java! I'm impressed!

I’m glad the surgery worked for it always nesasary to have them removed surgically? I have had one behind my rt. knee for a while that has apparently burst and the back of my leg is blue. It doesn’t hurt all that bad so does the fluid cause damage or just get absorbed like a bruise? I also have a bone spur in my shoulder, the ortho. doc. claims its because i’ve had two previous surgeries on that arm/shoulder area to remove bone marrow tumors. I also have a small cyst beginning behind my other knee and so don’t want to even have any dr. touch me. I know it’s not true but it sure seems like everytime i have a procedure done on my body something else goes up. it’s almost working on an OLD car. Can we trade our bodies in for newer models?