Bummed Out!

I have been dealing with numbness in my left foot since 2010. I've been to a lot of doctors to get to the bottom of it. I found out from the SSF website that it's the sjogren's. I was relieved and bummed at the same time. At least I got to the bottom of it.

One of my doctor's told me that the issue with my nose is raynauds phenomenon. I looked it up. What a cosmic bummer. That has left me really depressed.

I would appreciate any comments on this. Thanks in advance

Hi Bummed Out, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy which is another problem you can see associated with Sjogren's. It is easy enough to have diagnosed. Either a neurologist or an orthopedist. The symptoms are somewhat similar so you would definately know which one you have. Hope this helps.

Ga. Peach

I would suggest getting checked for neuropathy also as it seems to occur with SS. For me it presents differently depending on the type of flair. Generally i get stinging/ pin prick feelings most of the time. There are stretches here and there though that I get a numb spot in my foot and leg or hands and arms. When its really bad, my fine motor skills is off a little (like over reaching for something, dropping things, etc). Thankfully that doesn't happen a lot. Sjoggies have so much fun. LOL