Dry skin? Feet? Fingers?

When my Sjögren’s symptoms flair up and are at their worst

My feet and hands tend to get red and dry… Feet especially. Both toes and fingers sore and difficult to move, but that’s become almost the usual now…

I’m wondering how common this may be and if anyone else is having the same experience? What do you suggest I do for it.

Terribly uncomfortable.

I have the same problem. I think others have as well. What I'm doing is getting a pedicure every two weeks. I consider it almost medical at this point. I also found a really good cream by Origins called "Reinventing the Heel." Might be hard to get, as you have to be near an Origins store. Also, really super good is finding a cream with Urea in it. I got one at the podiatrist office with 40% urea and this is almost toooo much. You put a cream with urea in it on any callouses and it truly helps a lot. If I use the urea cream a few times a week and the Origins cream almost every day and get the pedicure twice a month, I'm good. But, it DOES seem like a lot of work and I often forget or mess up. I live in a warm climate, so we wear lots of sandals or open toe shoes. UGH! I just bought a new cream for my hands that I heard is very good: L'Occitane. I put off getting it for a few years due to the cost...but I think it might help. I do think this dryness is rather common.


When mime do this I sleep in socks and gloves which my husband finds very funny. I put Vicks salve or vit e lotion on first. I would speak with your doctor as some people have trouble with the menthol in the salve.