Extreme Confusion

Does anyone suffer from EXTREME confusion? That is who I am I also now. I also know that I have Adult onset Dyslexia. Does anyone else have these issues.....HELP?

Hey confused, good to hear from you girlfriend! Sorry you are having a rough time of it! I have my bad moments, which surely is evident with some of my discussions and responses. I know some seem jumbled and mixed up from time to time.

I have great difficulty with anything of length or complexity, have no recollection of dates and times of past events. Seems the days drag and the years fly!

I realize that not all of you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but if you get past the trivalities and get into the meat of this 'stress response' illness, you can understand more about pain and how it affects us. My Rheum tells me he thinks the Fibro has been caused by the chronic pain of Psoriatic Arthritis and Sjogrens. So if this is the case, there's a real good chance we ALL have it to some degree.

I have discussed the confusion, lack of retention, concentration, absorption... with my Rheumatologist, and he explains it as the result of chronic pain and lack of sleep from chronic pain. Some of the published papers by Physicians even get into pain as an illness, and how it affects individuals and even countries.

As my Chiropractor says, "IT'S ONE UNIT", all connected, for every one thing that is out of harmony, it causes a ripple effect through out! As good as specialized medicine is, and as much as we need it, we all need a general practitioner who can look at the whole body, mind, and soul. Who can turn off the clock and take a good hard look at us, talk to us, believe us, and what a difference that alone can make!

I'm telling you, if I had to take an aptitude test, I would probably be deemed mentally challenged some days! I really do get it, just not sure what to do about it! BUT there are the good days, and they keep me going, gotta always look at the good, and hold on tight!

Wishing you well,


I have dyslexia had it my whole life. I do get confused and memory problems. I write things down or put them on my phone so i can remember appt. and to pay bills. I drive spell check crazy.LOL

My doctor also told me our bodies can only handle the pain and stress for so long then the confusion would get worst. I hope you are better soon.

Remember you are not alone and we are here for you

I'm with everyone else…LOL. I lose words which drives me nuts. I can be in the middle of a sentence and can't get a word out. Sometimes I can know exactly what I want to say but its like I get stuck and the word won't come out (I wonder if that's what a stroke victim feels like) OR I know the gist of what I want to say but I can't think of the word itself. I can come up with a ton of words that are related in a bunch of different ways but not what I am looking for. In both cases, I end up frozen in the middle of a sentence with people looking at me, waiting…. I am a Mensa member with an incredible mental rolodex so its ridiculously frustrating. And scary.

I do see where tired & in pain can make it worse though. I hope that's true. Some days I'm really on and clear but other days, I am afraid to speak for fear of looking like a moron.

PB, I know what you mean about spellcheck. I rely on it heavily…but usually because if my coordination is off, I'd rather let it do its job than retype something incorrectly a million times. LOL

I am 46 and I’ve had brain fog forever, but recently I have been getting serious confusion. Very scary confusion. I have both dementia from my father who is battling it right now, and Alzheimer’s from my uncle, going against me. My PCP is sending me to a neurologist on the 8th. I wish there was a test we could take that told us if we have Alzheimer’s or dementia, but my doc says there isn’t one.

I’m sort of scared to go. I’ll just put on my big girl panties and go!


I take Topamax for migraine prevention. The doctors call this med “Dopamax,” because it makes you “dopey,” or just plain forgetful. It’s a horrible medication in that regard. Between that and all my pain, I get very foggy at times. I tell many people about a supplement I found called “PS 100,” that helps with cognitive issues. The “PS” is abbreviated for a very long word that starts with the letter P. I understand this supplement is used in Europe for kids with ADD or adults with mild dementia. It helps me with brain fog. If you go to www.iherb.com and look up PS 100 Reviews, you might be intrigued. I’ve never had any negative side effects from it and although it hasn’t corrected things, it really has HELPED!!! My husband takes it too and his colleague from work who took a very bad fall and suffered a concussion takes it. All are reporting improvement with their brain fog.

Wow…good to know