Hello from Colorado!

Hi everyone,
I’m happy to find this group. I live in Littleton, Colorado in the Denver area with my husband and our beloved rescue puppy. Husband, friends and family offer me support so I’m fortunate in that regard. It’s been a rough few years medically.

My Sjogrens diagnosis was confirmed in November after a lip biopsy but assumed prior to that after blood tests and symptoms assessed by a rheumatologist. I went to see her initially because I had quite significant joint pain and fatigue. Both could have been side effects of an aromatase inhibitor I’m taking post-breast cancer treatment. But I started plaquinil to (hopefully) stave off further Sjogrens effects in December.

I’m having a bit of a flare up the past couple of weeks mainly with dry eyes (a new symptom for me) and very painful salivary glands (the ones in my cheeks) as if they have developed stones.

I’ve bought a book about Sjogrens and read some things online but am otherwise very new to this. I became generally familiar with autoimmune diseases from having Hashimotos thyroid problem 18 years ago. I look forward to learning and sharing more with you.

Hi, I was dx a month ago! But had the dry eyes and mouth for over 2 years! The fatigue will drain you !! I have had at least 5 flare in the last year! My new problem is weak arms and burning! I am in SC going to MUSC Monday! I am so scared I am going to loose my use of them ! Good luck!