Hello Vickie from Detroit, welcome to the community!


Hi Vickie,

My name is Danielle and I am a Ben’s Friends intern. I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to Sjogren’s Syndrome Support.

I am sorry that you did not find us until so many years after your diagnosis, but we are happy to have you here now. I understand that you are trying to find joy in daily life, and I do hope this community will give you exactly that. I think you will find that it is full of supportive words, friendship, and interesting information.

How are you finding your current method of treatment, Vickie? Medication and treatment come up often in this forum.

As you browse around the site, try clicking the search icon (magnifying glass, top right). It will allow you to search through existing topics. Please do not hesitate to start your own discussions by clicking the + New Topic tab. This is a great way to share your story and ask new questions.

If at any point things get confusing or overwhelming on the site, please give me a shout.


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