Hi Carol from Arizona, welcome to the community!


Hi Carol,

Welcome to Sjogren’s Syndrome Support!

I am sorry you did not find us until so many years after your diagnosis, but we are happy you are here now. Despite knowing very little about this syndrome, the key word, as you said, is YET. I deeply respect your desire to become educated and learn more.

You mentioned that there must be more to know about this syndrome besides its impacts on the mouth and eyes. This is certainly true, and what I love about this community is the diversity of content. I think some of the discussions here will enlighten and inspire.

Now, where to begin! Have you tried clicking the magnifying glass (top right) to search through existing topics? Please do not hesitate to start your own discussions and share your story (+ New Topic) as well.

How are you finding the site so far, Carol? Are you managing well?

Hope to hear from you.


Thank you for your warm welcome! I haven’t had a chance to peruse the site but am looking forward to that this weekend

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You are most welcome, Carol. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.