***Holiday Greetings from All of us here at Ben’s Friends***

Holiday Greetings from All of us here at Ben’s Friends

All of us here at Ben’s Friends would like to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. We also know that this can be a difficult time of the year, as many of our members are facing tough challenges and perhaps suffering loss and loneliness. We do understand, and we are ready to support you in any way that we can.

Many of us are busy with our own families, though, so things can get pretty quiet around here during the holidays. Are you in crisis, or maybe even feeling suicidal? Do need someone to listen to, and to support you right now? Take a deep breath, and find the helpline in your country:



United Kingdom



Global Mental Health Resources Directory

Links and numbers can change. If a link does not work for you, we apologize. Please let
modsupport(at)bensfriends.org (replace (at) with @)
know so that we can correct the situation.

All the best to you and yours.

Ben and the entire Ben’s Friends Team.

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