Morning y'all.

Just want to see how y'all feel about homeopathic medicine. I have a friend that I work with that doesn't believe that there is anything wrong with my immune system or that I may have an autoimmune disease, which is fine by me, she can believe what she wants. She wants me to go to her homepathic doctor who also doesn't believe in that stuff either, just wanted to see if any of you have gone this route and what the outcome was. I did try some of her migraine roll on last week, it did help with the headache (didn't take it away, but helped) and it also made my eyes feel better. It had peppermint in it, which will make your eyes tear, but I'm a skeptic, besides my insurance won't pay for, so apparently they are skeptical too. What do you all think?

Homeopathy is an interesting one- according to scientists it shouldn't work... but it often does. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with trying it for specific symptoms if you want to spend your money that way, but the fact that the homeopath doesn't believe in autoimmune disease is more of a worry! I think any 'alternative practitioner', in whatever field, who doesn't believe in a diagnosis/ disease which clearly exits I would steer clear of. Alternative therapies can help, but only in conjunction with standard medicine. Like you say, your insurance won't pay, so are clearly sceptical too.

I haven't tried anything homeopathic for the symptoms, mainly because of the cost- but we did take our toddlers to a homeopath, and some of the remedies were interesting, and worked to a point. I would be very careful about who I went to see though, and it does seem to be a long-term treatment, so once you're in, it's hard to get out of!

Well put, Jules. It is a huge concern and i can't see myself being treated by someone that didn't believe I had a proven illness. I have used essential oils at times…peppermint is great for relieving sinus pressure pain, and of course lavender is relaxing, things like that. But in general, I treat it like diets. Different things work for different people, and what works for me may not work for you. But, I also consider it something that is to be done in conjunction with my path that my medical team has laid out.

I would add the reminder that you should mention any supplements to your doctors before taking them. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc do have an effect on the body and can interact with regular medications.

I agree, but just wanted to see if anyone had taken this route. I am using migraine roll on which is all natural and it's main ingredients are the peppermint and lavender. You are supposed to roll it on the top of your forehead, your temples and the back of neck. At the temples it does help with the dry eyes also, as peppermint makes you tear up. My sinuses are going crazy and it does kind of wake me up.

I personally am not a believer in holistic nor oils, but some of the oils do actually relief some symptoms I'm learning. I will not take anything my doctor doesn't give me, but all my co-workers think I take too many pills. I take 6 (not a huge deal, since 3 of them are my Effexor). One is my Allegra D (sinuses), singular (also sinuses) and my high blood pressure medicine. All very essential to my way of life!! lol I also personally think my co-workers should mind their own business since I'm here every day and on time!! Whether I feel good or not.

FrustratedMom... I totally hear you about the co-workers. I am on 6 also but all different ones and that isn't including Allegra (I have the sinus bit too) and all of the supplements but they are all agreed on by the whole team of doctors. Amazing, isn't it. LOL. It is what it is but I learned the hard way about taking seemingly harmless, all- naturals. I do keep essential oils in the house because I have found too, that some of them work really well. SS is so hard to figure at times and the symptoms change so I feel like I have to be ready to change with it all the time. Ugh. I could open a pharmacy in my kitchen.