Is this sjogren?

hello, i am 36 years old male.

i have dry and burning eyes, feeling dryness in lips. within day, i feel colds accompanying burning eyes and sometimes fever. is this sjgoren? i was at an eye specialist 2 days ago and he said eye redness is not related to sjogren. i am confused! from my blood test 3 weeks ago: i have ra factor, anti-ccp and ana negative

Based on what you have said here and the other thread no its not sjogrens. There may be other symptoms you are not mentioning of course. But the diagnoses is pretty straight forward. There are objective criteria for SS unlike many other Autoimmunr disorders. You need two of three:
Anti-SS-A/B blood test: There are two scenarios: 1) Positive serum levels of either the SSA and/or SSB antibody and/or 2) positive serum levels of the rheumatoid factor antibody (RA) and elevated antinuclear antibody (ANA) titers. All are associated with the syndrome.

Ocular surface staining: Measures the dissipation rate of a specialized dye that is applied to the tear film that bathes the surface of the eye. A score of three or more is considered to be positive.

Salivary gland biopsy: A pathologist examines the biopsy for sites of inflammation. One or more sites of inflammation per four millimeters squared area is considered positive.

Dear tj1, why did you say that it is not Sjogren? I do not have enough of the tests you mentioned.

The strange symptom is that during the day when I have red eye attacks, I feel cold also.

Just me, there are a lot of reasons for having dry, red eyes, especially in the wintertime, without it being sjogren's. I have dry, red eyes myself, for instance, because I spend a lot of time on computers and don't blink as often as I should...