Johns Hopkins

I am going to Johns Hopkins in 2 weeks and it is going to be a long expensive trip for me. Has anybody been to the Jerome Greene Sjogren's Center? If so, how would you describe your trip..beneficial? or not?



Hi Carol,

I have not been to the Sjogren's Center, but I have been to JH twice to see surgeons and pain management Doctors. I have never heard a bad word about anything to do with them, they are top knotch.

The surgeon told me that surgery would only ever make me worse, the PM Dr had me taken off Actiq for pain, called my GP told him it was only ever to be used for end of life patients, said one dose could stop my heart.

Both times I was seen by the Asst Professors, that means they also teach. I think you will have a good experience.

Please let us know.

Wishing you well,


Lucky for me this is only about a 70 mile trip for me, but with tailbone stenosis, that is a long painful way.