Lip biopsy done

I had the lip biopsy done on Monday. My lab work recently showed positive, but the doctor said they were looking to determine if I had primary or secondary Sjogrens. I am wondering how long does the numbness and swelling last? It has only been a few days. I am hoping I get some other medication than methotrexate. I won’t go back on that one. It upset my stomach too much.

Hi Rena! I never had the lip biopsy done, because I have other autoimmune diseases as well, so no reason to do it.

The swelling should be gone within a week or so, but the numbness can be long lasting from my impression. That said, you mentioned methotrexate. If you need to be put back on it, request injectable. Much easier on the stomach. And if you do the shot at night, you’ll sleep through the worst side effects anyway. I didn’t do well with the methotrexate either, but know that I’ll do injections if need be.

what type of medication do you take now? He talked about doing injections, I just don’t know if I want to go back on methotrexate at all.

So I have a primary diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, and then have Sjogren’s syndrome. So I take disease modifying meds for the PsA. I take leflunomide and Enbrel. I also use Evoxac for the dryness, as well as Restasis eye drops. I LOVE Evoxac. It has done a ton to improve my quality of life, especially sleep.

I was on methotrexate orally for about 6 months. It didn’t do much for me, and I was a bit nauseated the whole time. That said, there is a chance that I’ll need to go back on. If that happens, I’ll request injections. Much less GI symptoms with it.