Neurological Symptoms and Gluten

Hi guys -
There have been past posts about neurological symptoms connected with SS such as peripheral neuropathy and what I have - occipital neuropathy (numbness and pain in my lips and face). I have mentioned on several posts that I am gluten free, which helps with a lot of my SS symptoms. (I have read several studies that indicate that as many as 40+ percent of SS patients have a gluten issue). And I have mentioned that I do indeed cheat from time to time (for which I pay with flare ups). I just read an article in the current Living Without magazine that has changed my mind on casually cheating.

It seems that people with neuropathy symptoms that seem to be related to gluten (since my neuropathy gets better off of gluten, mine is) might actually be experiencing brain issues from the gluten and that it can actually destroy brain cells. My Mom died of Dementia and I’ve read about a possible gluten/dementia connection, so this article was enough for me to say no more Taco Bell bean burritos (for those not gluten sensitive try chilling them, then reheating in the microwave - they become something heavenly…).

Ah Maggie,

Sorry you have to give up something you love so much, but I understand your concern. Seems Alzheimers/Dementia is inflammatory in nature. I watched a show on Einstein, seems that when he died, scientists ended up with his brain to study. The extraordinary thing was that for his age, NO inflammation what so ever was found in his brain. Wonder if this was diet related?

There it is, he was a vegetarian!

Oh my goodness! I just realized the neuropathy in my foot is a little better since going gluten free. It’s the one thing I don’t cheat on at all. I have neuropathy in my left foot and use an OTC cream with capsaicin in it. I stopped exercising because it made the pain much worse. I had to use the cream once daily or it would become very annoying. Lately I’m using it every other day. I might go back to daily use and dry exercising too! I’m reading dr wahl’s book on diet and MS. She also did a great TED talk. Seems gluten is SATAN for those of us with autoimmune illness with sugar coming in a very close second.

Anyone have any experience with this illness and vegetarianism? ie Venus Williams? I strongly suspect the biggest culprits are gluten, sugar, allergens, additives, food processing…etc and that clean eating is what our bodies crave/need and will respond favorably to.