Never related chapped lips or some of these other symptoms with with Sjogrens

I've had chapped lips all of my life, dry eyes too. Should have bought some stock in these companies! Here are some other symptoms you may not have thought were related to Sjogrens.

I have tried every product on the market and the Blistex sticks are best. Yes, constant reapplying them. But even with these products they crack and bleed, peel. Eye drops and Blistex, I have them in my purse, on my night stand in the coffee table drawer, in the bathroom, as I even use both when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom!

I did this for decaded before I knew I had this disease. I blamed it on allergy meds, exhaust/circulation, heat/air where I worked, never even considered it to be a disease!

LOL a performance! Your husband must be alot of fun! Gotta keep laughing! Bless his heart, he sounds like a 'good egg'!

Totally off topic, have to take the hub for a colonoscopy, be there, out of state, by 7:30 in am, BUT the proceedure is not until at least 9 am! He is already raising hell that he is hungry! I have a sick grandkid, projectile vomiting, guessing he has this flu going around, so I told his Mother I would keep him so the whole house wouldn't get sick, he also is with 100 mosquito bites on him from home, they live in a beautiful place by the river, with a stream in back, and lots of mosquitos. I should be the head writer for a comedy show!

Then there is everything wrong with me. If you put it all in a book or TV show, no one would believe you! No one! BTW, this is just a paragraph, I could write a book or a show!

Well, we got through it! He is okay, was like a bear with a sore behind all day! LOL! Just grouchy, finally went to bed! The car ride and walking got me, besides the back killing me, have Sciatica in BOTH legs today, a rare and painful thing that thankfully seldom happens, had to break my rule and take morphine when I got home, but my Mom took good care of the grandson today. I have never allowed myself to take narcotics when I had any of the kids in my care, but had to today. I hit the couch when I got home, slept for hours after only being able to sleep about 90 minutes before I had to get up. I thought about just getting dressed last night and propping myself up in a corner, and as expected, It was like crawling out of the grave this morning! HA! The fog was so thick you couldn't see anything, so that kicked it all up before I even got in the car! Was never so glad to get home, I left here in 5 layers of clothes, overcoat, 2 pair of socks and gloves, and a scarf to boot! Other women were there in tshirts and sandalls! HA! I did manage to remove the overcoat and the blouse, keeping on the wool shell and cotton sweater!

Grandson may have this new bug going around called 'the vomiting virus'! I told his Mother that he can just stay here until he is over it, we were all exposed, no sense in him taking it home for all of them to get! He is as white as a sheet! My son is working 12 or 14 hours a day plus the commute to the city, and my youngest granddaughter is in her final year of HS, started college courses wants nursing or pre-med, always straight A's, works, plays sports, other granddaughter works and has the baby, so none or them need to get this!

Hope you are doing well!



Love the humor. great post.


In my attempt to avoid petroleum products, I found one l've been using Signature Natural lip Butter. Ingredients: Organic oils of olive(extra virgin), sunflower and grapeseed, bees wax(filtered),mango butter. It's been working well, I use the plain but it comes in flavors too. I get in online

I have lip balm and eye drops all over the place too! I panic if I run out in my purse while I'm out. I had lasik surgery done in 2001 and eye doctor says that could be contributing but I did not get this dry eye until recent years. Read this link about good and bad lip balms....

OOH! Thanks for that info Allergic!

I just made a mistake buying what I thought were eye drops, it was an ointment, like vaseline, I figured I would try it, and ICK! My eyes still were dry, just greasy and I got that grease all over the bed linens and my night gown! What a mess! Garbage! Have to make yet another trip, had bought drops at the grocery store, not enough lubrication, my eyes got so sore, felt like they had been cut! So, I've easily thrown away some serious money for nothing helpful! They didn't have my usual drops!

Some of the drops are to watery, some are like Elmers glue! What a hassle to find the right ones!

It's so irritating. I know. I have tons of saliva but somehow I am sensitive in my mouth. I used this one toothpaste for several years. Then stopped using it. I went back to it recently and the skin was peeling off the whole inside of my mouth. It had peppermint in it, so not sure what happened there. I guess I developed an allergy to the peppermint. Now you know why I call myself 'allergic'.

I bought a tiny sample size tube of colgate, no peppermint and I'll see what happens with that.

You need to avoid the pc more till you see the eye specialist. I know I do too. Maybe it will improve. I have a glare screen on mine but I still get eye burning. It's a killer on the eyes.

Thank you Terri. The pealing has stopped since I stopped using the mint toothpaste. I just used the Colgate and my mouth is feeling normal again. I'm going through herxheimer reaction from the yeast die off. It's aweful. Even my parotid glands get sore on and off, itchies all over, the whole nine yards of it. I hear it can take a year or two. It can even cause flashing lights in vision, which I had happen last week. I panicked thinking it was from the cavernoma in my brain or a retinal tear. Doctor wasn't kidding when he said you're gonna feel really sick.

I've gotta stick to it, no real choice.

Tez_20 said:

Well how you have salivia in your mouth i've got none hardly and your mouth does come sensitive to foods, hotness and concerning taste...i'm forever tasting mental.

You can have fleshy peeling of skin and that forms around your cheeks and gums which i have and that's a slimy jelly membrane which forms because there's no salivia but if yours is coming off flaky which can also happen besides which is an infection in the mouth...that's why dentists are mentioned on a regular basis.

Allergic i use Colgate Total have done for years and i use Listerine to wash my mouth out and when i eat my teeth are flossed regular then rinsed again with listerine....flossing is very important to us.

Allergic this new pc i brought last year and this contains the glare screen but until i saw my optician i was under the eye infirmary and they asked about a pc i said yes i use one and they gave strict orders just an hour daily but ignored it and it's all catching up with me now but it will be another 5mths before seeing the eye specialist to see where we go from there.

I do hope the toothpaste works out ok.

Love Terri xxx

This link mentions that the saliva can decrease, or the "composition" of the saliva can change. Maybe that's why I still feel dry mouth, even though I have saliva present. That might explain that.

awesome discussion.