New doc needed in NJ

Hello all…I was diagnosed last month and the rheumatologist told me this…read up on it and take some Tylenol and you also have osteoarthritis. See you in 6 months. What a punk tool. Did not seem interested in helping at all and I gotta tell ya I am a giant ball of inflammation right now. My GP wants me to do acupuncture and that’s not going to happen…I do have to start pt soon to make my neuro happy…since I have herniations at c4-5 and c3-4 that constantly make my arms go numb. He had me start gabapentin which isn’t working so I’m weaning off it. I’m just a hot mess and so far none of my doctors want to deal with it…I finally begged for my Celebrex back and got it…so my bones feel better…but my muscles are tearing me up. Had to stop the magnesium as it was tearing up my innards…and the rest of the supplements aren’t doing much in my opinion.
Thanks for letting me vent…
I’m in north central Jersey and I work up by Hackensack.

Hello there, Diane, and welcome to the sjogren’s community. There’s another new member from your neck of the woods, @Nanayogini. Just wondering whether she could help with your doctor search?
Seenie from ModSupport