New Member with Sjogren's

Hello to all.

I have been dealing with so many symptoms of Sjogrens since 2013, but with no positive blood results. I have been treated for this condition with medication in the past for about 3 months but discontinued since I did not respond well to it. I am very much into natural approaches when it comes to healing and hoping this new treatment plan I am starting will at least get me on the right track. I have lost a lot of connections with friends, had to leave my job and independent living, all due to my health . It is extremely depressing and frustrating. I feel extremely isolated and that makes dealing with this health challenge even harder.

I know I have a long way to go and still trying to find the right approach for my health condition but I will be more than happy to share any useful information I can to maybe help someone else who is dealing with this as well. I can honestly say I have deep empathy fro everyone on here. Looking forward to making some connections.

Welcome Zen! You said that you had tried a medication for three months, but didn't respond well to it. Some of the meds, such as plaquenil, can take up to 6 months to really start to see a difference. It's a great idea to support your health with natural approaches, but keep meds in the back of your mind. When I started using Evoxac I can't even tell you how much it improved my quality of life.

Something else to realize. . . . depression can be a part of the disease process. Some people may need to use antidepressant meds, others may find that as they gain better control over their disease that the depression may lift as well.

Reaching out for support is a great first step.

I went off the medicine , due to the fact it was lowering my white count so much and i was having a lot of rashes. The Dr pulled me off of it. I do keep it on the back burner for maybe another attempt.

I have been trying a lot of different approaches as far as the depression goes. Hopefully I will hit on sommething that helps without causing dryness.

Thank you for your suggestions