R e l a x -- User Help is Here!

Handy user help for our new layout is ready for you, and it’s where you can always find it: in the “New User Help” section. Just tap on the New User Help button at the top of your screen. (You may need to scroll down just a wee bit.)

Please let us know below what you think of it. Your comments and suggestions are welcome! Just tap “Reply”.

A printable version of the help document is in the works for those of you who like a hard copy.

Stay safe and well!

Seenie and the ModSupport Team
(Sharon, Merl, TJ, Seenie)

Drop by and admire our easy-on-the-eyes new look! If you haven’t logged on for a while, go to your community, tap on LOG IN, enter your email address, then “Forgot my Password”. You’ll receive instructions about what to do next.


Hi Ben,
I wasn’t able to get the New User Help screen on my computer. Judith Pekowsky

Hi Judith! It should be at the top of your screen. But here is a direct link to it. When I look at my computer screen, I see the top bar of the site has “New User Help” listed there, along with general, crisis help line, and about/contact.