Severe Sjogren's and being Alone

Hi everyone I am Allison, 29yr old, well 30 on 10/5. I have been through a huge battle for 10 years of being chronically ill with flares that sent me to the ER often. I worked and worked while being ill and was married to someone who never worked the whole 10 years or cared. Having that huge boulder with no way out and working myself to death I finally made the step of divorce this year. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, other than losing all my family members but my dad and 1 sister on both sides of my family. Now I am ALONE. I have my dad but he is very closed and doesn't want to talk about anything other than hi bye just small talk. I have millions of things bottled up and no one to vent to. No I don't want to just vent, it would be nice to just see other people in my own shoes maybe feel not as alone. I can't work and live in the sticks with no income other than what my dad can do, so I can't even go out to the store when I want. I am so happy I have my dad I don't know what i would do without him, I also found a friend on here that lives on the complete other side of the US but were alike in many ways. I am looking to expand my social life as much as possible as I feel it might be making me worse sitting in this room alone for 6 months now. I have Sjogrens, thyroid disease, high BP, anxiety, depression, PTDS, IBS, diverticulitis, colitis, shingles twice this year, chronic pain, several liver hemangiomas (tumors), SIBO, vit D deficiency, persistent fever, neurological issues, recurrent infections and inflammation ect. I went to college a few years back to be in the medical field because I wanted to learn more and maybe figure it out on my own! Well I met some great Dr's and one sent me to his own pcp that's where the answers started. I worked for 3 1/2 years and learned a lot and my past employers are still helping me. Just this year I got my main diagnoses. Everything happened for a reason, I started plaquenil a couple months ago and that was a battle to get on, I had to prove it has worked or helped,. I actually am feeling a little better physically but there is a lot going on that's still wrong and debilitating. I want nothing more than to be better or enough to go back to work. Having to ask for help is not me. I am now taking all this time to research everything I can to find more things wrong and try new things. If you are in a similar situation or just want someone to talk to I am always here and happy to talk! Have a great day, Allison

Hi Allison! I hope that you can start to get some relief. Remember that plaquenil is a fairly mild drug, although it can really start to turn the tide. You’ve come to the right place for support.

I have to ask, how many cats? We just adopted a third cat, and I just picked up a feral foster kitten today. My daughter and I also volunteer with a rescue organization and help clean a cat room once a week, as well as talk to people interested in adoption.

Hi Stoney, thanks for the support, funny you ask how many cats. They always called me the crazy cat woman off the simpsons. There was a time I had 4 of them. Now I just have my one cat that was born on my lap 7 years ago the day my father in law died. Were very close. I got a persian a few months ago and my cat wanted nothing to do with her other than beat her. Since the divorce she has gotten more attention and is not having another cat have any of it :( I wish I had another, but everything I have is cat something from cups to blankets LOL

Allison- you sound incredibly strong and positive- and great that despite all you've been through you want to help others too. Hopefully things will improve for you. Love cats too- but we have a gorgeous dog (who's been through her own AI disease battle!), and she definitely wouldn't want to share us! Animals can be a great comfort.

Jules I also LOVE dogs too I had a mini weenie dog, but when I moved into my dad's home I respected he never had animals and has a beautiful home with white carpet!!! So I gave her to a loving home that I get to talk and visit her whenever I want. I couldn't part with my cat and he had no problem with her, she is a good cat! I don't think I could live without her or having an animal by my side through everything. Whenever I cry she knows I am upset even if I don't act like it. I have to be strong, my whole life has been chaos and everyone who knows me or any psychiatrist I have met I make their head spin HAHA. So I will be 30 in 2 days and it will be a new chapter in my book, I am hoping it will be the milestone of positive and better health!

Hope that your birthday is a turning point for you then!