Sjogens Syndrome

I am new to this site and I was just diagnosed with this last Sept. I realized that I was misdiagnosed for 6 years. My symptoms started with the swollen glands all over I mainly had them in my jawl area right under my ears . They swell and deform my face as well. The doctors in the pasr just treated me gor a virus. I also complained about the pain under my arms as well as the sweeling!!!

I s there more information on this disease I can look at? Is there an Adault group in theDallas, TX area?

My name is Beth!!! Thank you for any info you can help me with and I will share in return!!!

Can't help with help in Texas, but feel for you with the glands- that's how my symptoms started, and I think I had a small stone which got passed by itself. If you look in discussions from the top menu bar, you can search through past ones and there's been one about glands fairly recently. Thinking of you, Beth!