Sjogren's Blog?

Hello All,

I am a "recovered" blogger who used to author a humor blog about my crazy life with my three teenage daughters. Since I've been diagnosed with Sjogren's I've had the urge to resurrect my old blog and start writing again - not strictly about Sjogren's, but I imagine it would take up a large part of the content on the blog.

The question for you all is: Do you know of any good and active blogs (outside of the information found here) about Sjogren's? And do you think that treating this disease (which is by no means funny) with a touch of humor would offend anyone? My philosophy has always been to try to see the humor in things, although I may be dying inside!

I've already dusted off my blog and tried a few trial posts. My main feeds have been disconnected for a while, but if you'd like to take a peek, you can follow this link: She's Come Undun

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. It's just the only way I know of starting my path of awareness and advocacy. . .


I am all for humor in almost every situation. I have a wicked sense of humor, but it never comes out here, ummm wonder why? Any way, I would love to read your blog, especially if it is infused with humor!

Welcome to the Sjögren’s board!


Me too, me too!!! I have a snarky sense of humor and appreciate it in others. If we don't laugh about the intricacies of this thing we deal with what do we have? I think it would be great.