Sjogren's Syndrome Help

I was diagnosed August 7th with Sjogren’s. It has been a roller coaster ride. I am on my 3rd eye doctor and found a specialist. Specialist says I have a moderate to severe case.The dry eyes are so bad that iit has made me extremely light sensitive. I have the sclelar lenses for about a week. Thought they were going to be really helpful but the last few days have been horrible. Any suggestions would be helpful.

There are lots of things that you can try out. For example, my tear ducts are plugged. I use Restasis 2x a day. I use a nighttime lubricating ointment. That’s actually really critical to starting my day right.

Also, warm compresses can make a really big difference when I’m having a flare up. I’ll sometimes do these numerous times a day and it can be quite relieving.

I’m actually impressed that your doctor tried out scleral lenses so quickly.

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I use the saline whetting solution for contact lenses. It has the same ingredients as the Bausch and Lomb eye irrigation and it’s much cheaper–merchandicing phenomena used to be in advertising. Also have seen the vets use it on YouTube to clean dog and cat eyes.

I get it at Target, the “Up and Up” brand. I flush my eyes with it. Afterwards, I use only 1 drop of eye drop solution. Eye drops build up in my eyes and have to be flushed out. Also the opt. said to use a small drop of baby shampoo in a glass of H2O and flush my eyes. I prefer my own solution–pun not intended. Restasis didn’t work.