Splinter haemorrhages

I have been getting splinter haemorrhages in my fingers a lot lately, does this happen with reynauds? Or is it something else? They don’t hurt or anything, just wanted to know if it’s common or not


I was looking your question up for my own information and found this.

Wow thanks!! This helped a lot!

Yes, that was a good link, Andrea.

Here is another, this one with photos.


I have the 'pitted fingernails' of Psoriatic Arthritis, this was the deciding factor in my diagnosis, since I do not have psoriasis. Besides the pitting, I have the cracking, peeling and 'spooning' of the nail, but no splinter haemmorrhages as yet. Below is a photo of a psoriatic nail. My nails have ALWAYS looked like this, and it was not until I met my current Rheumatologist that I had any indication that it was from an autoimmune disease.

At one point I was seeing an Allergist who determined just what I was allergic to, and surprisingly it was NOT ragweed causing me such distress, but mold. Outdoor mold is terrible, especially in the fall when all of the vegetation is decomposing. The first thing this Doctor did at each visit was look at my fingernails, he said that he could tell much about a person's health just by looking at their fingernails.

There is a lot of possible causes, but yes Raynauds is a common cause. There are other causes as well that are related to Autoimmune including as SK mentioned, nail psoriasis. What color are they when they first appear? Keep track and how long do they take to turn from red to purple to black (if they do)

Given the questions you have asked the last few days, I can't help but go back to my question about strep and that quadrant pain. One of the most common causes of these "spots" is endocarditis, which also can cause that pain. It can also have an autoimmune cause. Its not as scary as it sounds. But its worth asking about. That pain, your exposure to strep, the enlarged spleen (infection usually) now these spots. sort of say do an echocardiogram....... (anyone with autoimmune should have one anyway)