Sun protection: do you have any tips?

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for the warm welcome. With regards to my medications one of my concerns is the sun sensitivity with the plaquinel. I live in Arizona and have to be outdoors quite a bit. I have purchased sun protection clothing and hats but wonder if there are other medications or treatments that you are aware of. I will also do a search at the Sjogren’s website.

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Hi Colleen, Welcome to the site. I’m fairly new to this site too and being diagnosed and only 4 weeks on Plaquenil - I too am looking for ideas in regards to the sun sensitivity. I will be watching your post for replies.

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Hi Colleen,

Wonderful to hear from you. I am glad Seenie moved your post to a “Sun protection” thread.

Your question about medications and treatments is a good one, especially since you live in Arizona. From what I understand, protective clothing is one of the best ways to guard the body from the adverse effects of sunlight. One of my family friend’s has a sun allergy. She applies a BROAD-SPECTRUM and WATER RESISTANT sunscreen. This type of sunscreen (along with full-spectrum) will protect against both UVA and UVB light.

I am sure some of our many community members will have a thought or two.

Hope you have a great day,