Susan from Rhode Island

Hi thank you for accepting me,
So far I am self diagnosed ,I have been a registered nurse for many years .
I saw my eye DR, this week and he said that I have aqueous tear deficiency.
I am seeing a rheumatologist on May10th.
I am curious how many of you had the biopsy of the saliva ducts in your mouth ?
How did it go ?
Susan xo
How many of you have type 1 ?

If you are challenged because any meds are too expensive call the company that makes them and tell them . Ask them for a form to fill out that says what your income is .
You may be surprised how much you can make and still get for free for a year,

You’re asking about biopsy of the salivary ducts? Sometimes a biopsy of the lip is done to confirm Sjogren’s, although even that can miss actual changes, and can leave a spot of numbness.

Also, by type 1, does this mean primary?