Ive had swollen glands for 2 months will it ever go down?

i cant have steroids because of my diabetes

im om ibuprofen twice a day for the pain but its not taking away all the pain any other ways to stop the pain and get the swelling down i don't like my new face as it is i would like the swelling to go down

Miss Kiwi

Hi Miss Kiwi

So sorry to hear about your swollen glands. I heard that a warm compress can work and I found this flyer about massaging the glands on the Sjogrens.org website.


I hope you find some relief. If you are like me, I have no relief from ibuprofen because I have built up a tolerance to it from taking so much. When I told my doctor she suggested Naproxen (Advil). Maybe you can ask your doctor if that would help...you just can't take both Ibuprofen and Naproxen at the same time.

Hi Microkat

i take Naproxen for my migraines i get them at least once a month the (migraines)

good thing is i take ibuprofen it in the evening lol and the naproxen in the morning but if i do take naproxen i don't take the ibuprofen but ill ask my doc of i can take it other times

Really briefly, Advil is ibuprofen. Aleve is naproxen. And you are correct that you cannot take them together.

I have heard others say they have some measure of success with the massages. Also from compresses. Doc had told me they can be cold or hot depending on what feels better for you. I hope you find some relief!

Oops! I was just wondering which one I put when I saw your post, EnjoyLife. It has an A and a V in it, LOL, brain doesn't work sometimes.

Microkat, I am the master of brain fog. Usually I lose words but this weeks treat is having the words but mispronouncing them. I sound drunk. LOL.

went to doc and she gave me panadol instead to add into my meds and eye drops and mouth spray unfortunately my pharmacy doesn't have the mouth spray any other remedies to help with dry mouth and the drops hurt!!! my eyes

Miss Kiwi

Can your pharmacy order the med? Their may be another pharmacy in your area that has it you could call them and see.

i asked them that and they said no they can't so finding another pharmacy to do it but its a public holiday here s nothing open until tomorrow(Tuesday)

Ugh….how frustrating. Please let us know if you get what you need and if it helps.

hi i got something for the dry mouth except now my mouth feels like Ive eaten sand the moisturising mouthwash does not work for long

Geez….sorry to hear it.

I am sorry you having terrible pain. Have you tried ice packs? I put ice on my glands when the swell. my glands in my groin swell too sometimes I ice them. Hope you find relief soon.