I am tired a lot more. Does anyone have problems with exhaustion

Tiredness can be a really big problem. More realistically, it should be called fatigue probably. That feeling of needing to lay down, can’t think straight, can’t do much? This is part of the disease process and is something that you should talk about with your doctor. There is one med that is often used for people with Sjogren’s called plaquenil, and it can make a real change in fatigue levels.

It’s a common discussion topic, because so many struggle with this, probably more than any other symptom- if you click on the search icon on the top right of the page, and search for fatigue, it’ll come up with lots of previous posts. There might be some tips you could try, and you’ll feel less alone…
I was feeling exhausted over a lot of the winter, but it has lifted at the moment, and I’m doing more. You might find that if you’re in a ‘flare’ it’s worse, but it might ease a bit later.
Thinking of you…

I’ll also add in that, if possible, getting some fresh air and light exercise can help. Sometimes it’s not feasible depending on the degree of fatigue.

Thank you. I see her in July.