Tonsil Stones and Bile Reflux

Just when I thought I was coming out of a severe flare, I finally got diagnosed with tonsil stones and Bile Reflux which apparently caused my insomnia for decades!

The drug the G.I. doc gave me for the Bile Reflux causes dryness! Holy cats and dogs! Does anyone know a better drug for Bile reflux. I am taking Hyoscyamine SL or Levsin SL.

If I thought I had dryness from Sjogren's before I was sadly mistaken and I had a Schirmer's score of 1 to 3. My eyes and throat currently have no moisture.

Talk about being discouraged! Any ideas would help!

Hi Maureen! Are you currently taking any meds for the sjogrens? Any other management strategies? There are meds to control the disease and meds to manage symptoms. Either way might be a good start, likely starting with meds to manage symptoms, as those are quicker acting typically.

Pilocarpine for dry mouth and respiratory saline for my eyes

My doctors do not like to prescribe meds as I have a drug allergy list that is extensive.