A recent phase 3 trial of another "biologic" with some promise

Here is the full article of a recent phase 3 trial comparing methtotrexate with tofacitinib (where do they get these names ? :) )

It seems to hold some promise especially as it is targetting a different area of the T cell functionality.

It may also have some relevance to SS especially extra glandular symptoms?

Slight downside is increased infections ude to immuno suppression.


Thank you, sounds like good news.

Yes unfortunately as is expected when immuno supressing the T cell response there is an icreased risk of infection and carcinomas but this is interesting as it is targetting a different site on the T cell to other treatments as we improve the genomics of AI then perhaps we can imorove the hit rate and redcue the adverse events?

I just saw this post, thanks, I’ll have a look!