I don't mean to be difficult, but in reading some of the posts, there are so many acronyms used that I don't know what some of them are. I know SS, GP, MD, DDS and some of the obvious, but others don't compute. I just wish people would type out the words. It doesn't do me much good to read something and not understand what that person is referring to. Thanks.

I actually use the other groups down the right side of the page....they usually clue you in to what they are talking about when it comes to co-existing issues. Takes too long to type a lot of this stuff out over and over

When it comes to the other stuff, you can always ask...people here are great about answering. It'll become second nature in no time. I'm only here a month or so and amazed how fast I got comfortable with the initials.

Della, I get frustrated as well. The only one's I know are SS for Sjogren's Syndrome and maybe DDS for dentist. *shrug* How do we know what they are trying to say? I know that I have a whole alphabet of things that are wrong with me, and I know their acronyms. But I don't know other people's illnesses. Also searching for the acronym online gives many different variety of answers.

On the same note, for many of us, it's hard to type, and type out the whole name of whatever disease/syndrome we have. Why don't we start a list of the acronyms here?

SS = Sjogren's Syndrome

FMS = Fibromyalgia

IBS = Irritable Bowel Syndrome

PCP = Primary Care Physician

These are just some of what I know. I'm drawing a blank, or I would put more out there. Anyone else want to add to the list?

CNS...central nervous system

And of course, we are Sjoggies LOL

Hi Della

I moderate on this site and another and belong to the lupus site which is my main problem and i still have to ask what some of the acronyms are. In asking alot of members will tell me what it is and a little about it. I have learned alot by doing this,

GP is General Practitioner

dx is diagnosis