Been away for awhile

Hello all,

I've been off this sight for a bit. Feeling confused as usual. Would like some feedback.

I was originally diagnosed with Sjogren's by my Primary Doc two years ago. I insisted he test me for Sjogren's because of extreme dry mouth. He said I tested positive for SS. I then took myself to a Rheumatologist who did more extensive tests, and said yes I do have SS. He prescribed Placquenil. He then left the practice and I am now seeing his replacement. She looked at my blood work from previous Rheumy and said it looks like I may have RA or Lupus. She then ordered more testing. I saw her last week. She said I test negative for RA, Lupus and even SS. She said I have Fibromyalgia.

I am not crazy about her..............she's a bit loopy. Speaks of herself in the "third" person. I'm kind of fed up.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Connie

Get another doctor quick.

That sounds really odd. Here’s a question that aim not sure of the answer. . . .can your antibody status change over time? Having the antibodies alone does not does not diagnose you, but it does help. That said, this doctor sounds like a bit of a whackadoo.

There is a salivary gland biopsy. While not definitive can help support the diagnosis along with other test results.

Also, do you have your previous medical records?

And, did you know that you can interview doctors before you make an appointment?

I have lupus and non-alcoholic autoimmune hepatitis. Neither the cause of my medical problems (maybe in a minor way). But, Sjogren's is extremely painful--joint and muscle pain for me. And, it's the cause a my bronchiectasis (interstitial lung disease secondary to Sjogren's).

Hope this helps.

Thanks................I appreciate the responses. I am searching for a new doc.

Sometimes I just think, "what the heck". Live with this, it could be much worse.

Oh for heaven's sake, that's a new one. It made me think of the Seinfeld episode where the guy in the gym refers to himself in the 1st person. (Elaine mistakenly thinks he is setting her up with her crush when he is really asking her out himself). Get a copy of your original tests and bloodwork from the first 2 doctors and get away from her fast.

Thanks for the response.................I have no intention of going back to her. Like the Seinfeld reference!