Another ingredient to the soup

So I called my primary care doctor to see if he could prescribe some steroids because I'm at the end of my rope with this's going on two weeks(note,it's not a Sjogrens''s RA and PsA....There IS a reason I'm posting on this site as opposed to the PsA sitr)

The doctor did order steroids...starting at 60 mg then every two days tapering by 10mg. So It's a 12 day taper.I know that that is quite a high dose for this problem. That's the dose I get for an asthma issue (before I get admitted)....My concern aside from infection risk and the wound healing being impaired is that I know certain drugs interfere with glaucoma in a negative way....So I just called my eye doc to ask if it's okay to take it.

I questioned (argued) with the nurse calling me to tell me about the steroids....she said it will work much quicker than a low dose which is fine with me....I just have so much going on right now and with this shoulder replacement breathing down my neck, I don't want to do anything more that could cause problems.

Wow, you certainly have a lot in the soup pot, girl! I only know of one other person with PsA and RA, then add Sjogrens! Whew!

I hope things have eased up a bit and the shoulder replacement is a success!

Wishing you well,