Shogrens and glaucoma

Hi I have shogrens RA, dermamyositis, and polymyositis I just went to my yearly eye exam and I was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma which is also rare Has anyone experienced vision problems?

Hi Silver blue,

I have been boarder line Glaucoma for as long as I can remember, as you may know, they cannot treat you for it until you actually have it, and since I need clearance from an eye specialist to get cleared for Planquenil, I guess I'll get my over due eye check, and of course the lecture!

I have been over spending some time on the Myositis site with Nichole and Maren! What a nice group you have there!

I am very sorry that you have such a lot to struggle with, and now this! Whew! My mother's side is where the autoimmune comes from and my dad's is the Glaucoma.

I cannot go until I get these recurrent infections cleared, according to my Rheum, who said I must stay off Enbrel for good for PsA, seems when I stopped the Enbrel in Jan at the insistence of my GP, I noticed that instead of a dramatic worsening of the arthritis pain, it was instead a drastic worsening of the Sjogren's instead!

It always has to be complicated, you know? Please keep in touch and don't be a stranger here! I'm not trying to steal you away from Maren and Nichole, so I'll share you! ha!

Hang in there girl, I know that the drops really helped my Dad and his siblings, and surely it's better by now!

Wishing you well,


I go to the eye clinic next week for laser surgery and the week after for the other eye. Thank you for the info