Just need some input on glaucoma. I got diagnosed last month with narrow angle glaucoma I got laser surgery on both eyes 3 weeks ago to lower my pressure. I would recommend all to get your eyes checked I read some articles that says inflammation is involved I asked my rheumy he says “anything” is possible I also got diagnosed with poly myosotis of the lungs which I am taking Imuran to reduce inflammation when I get broncitis. Glad I got the eyes tested could have ended with blindness Hope posting this will ell someone else especially if you get severe headaches and pain close to the eyes every one have a wonderful evening!

Hi Silver Blue,

I have been boarderline for years now, and need to schedule an appt with a specialist to have this checked and everything else checked now that I'm cleared by the retina specialist. As you ;know they cannot prevent it or treat it until you fully have it! My dad's family all had Glaucoma! Another gift that keeps on giving!

Hope the meds are effective and can give you some peace of mind! Thanks for the reminder!

Wishing you well,


My mom has glaucoma, and I have the “markers” of it, so I have to go every 6 months to check that, plus the effects of Sjorgens. Thank you for mentioning it. =)

I'm only 56 and the eye doctor just told me I have the beginnings of cataracts. Huh? The other people I know who have it are blue-eyed and in their 70's. I wonder if this early diagnosis of cataracts are related to SS.

I wonder DLT, so many unanswered questions...