Article on Autoimmunity and How to "heal" It

Hello, this is a really great article from the country's leading functional M.D. I'm not sure these steps will "cure" us, but following them will probably help. I've been following Dr. Hyman's work and he has done remarkable things for patients with autoimmune disease that other doctors just aren't doing. He also talks about medicine typically prescribed versus more natural approaches and why they are better for people with autoimmune disease. I hope you find something helpful in here!

Hi CAsey will read at my leisure but early on read "Interestingly, autoimmune disorders occur almost exclusively in developed countries. People in poor nations without modern amenities like running water, flush toilets, washing machines, and sterile backyards don’t get these diseases."

THIS IS NOT TRUE SO I AM IMMEDIATELY SUSPICIOUS. China has a massive problem with AI and SS it occurs worldwide and equally between races there may be an accidental inverse correlation with lattitude which has been used to push the Vitamin D hypothesis/

Will read more and reply more intelligently (if that's possible with this poxy disease!)

Hi Casey,

It all sounds good to me, but I have to say that knowing many here who have been on this path for quite a while, seems they should have already recovered!

Hi SK, there are many people you know who have followed this type of protocol? I was only diagnosed early this year and I was hoping for better news!! Always praying and looking for a way to “cure” this.

Casey, I think the advice he is giving as far as relieving symptoms is fine. I have heard from my docs to avoid sugar, wheat and dairy. They are known to contribute to inflammation. And they have said that allergies and AI play off each other and can aggravate the condition. Sticking to this stuff can ease up symptoms which is always good. And if it helps you stay off chemicals longer, its also good, in my eyes. Just be wary of anything claiming to be an "end all, be all" cure.