Australian Major National Newspaper Article

I thought this was worth sharing - it's well written and conveys to readers a glimmer of understanding of some aspects of what we have been, and are going through. I say well done to the journalist for tackling it, thanks to the doctors who gave insights, and to all of us - a reminder that hope lives in thoughts, actions and deeds. The more open we are in educating people, nudging practitioners (who are just human too) to try harder to help us, and the more supportive we are of valid research in this area (which is huge and barely understood) - the better it will be for not only us, but those who havn't even begun to travel down this strange and frightening road.


Oh, haven't we been through this! I am so glad that this was finally addressed, and especially glad that you found it and posted it for all here to read!

Thank you, Tog!

This is a good article.

I hope everyone reads this! I may borrow this, tog, to take to the Charcot Marie Tooth group, if you don't mind, some of them have waited 35 years, 67 years for a dx to their very rare genetic disease that does not even have a single treatment for! Talk about a group who can relate!

Again thanks for posting this for us!