What an impressive group this is!

I just have to tell you that for all of the detailed medical discussions that we all gravitate toward, the compassion is always just as forth coming!

I'm not certain that 'impressive' is complimentary enough, but it's a good beginning! I feel so fortunate to be back to his group!

Thank you all for making this such a successful group!

Well, we all should thank you. You frequently bring us great articles, and information that stirs the "pot".

I agree, great group of informative people!

I second that Connie! So grateful for this group…thank u SK, for all the great discussions u bring to light, it helps for sure! Ive learned some things that i thought was me just ovee thinking like some other medical issues that are probably due to my SLE and SS…thank god for all of you here! :slight_smile:

Its nice to finally know SOMEONE understands

I agree with you totally, SK! I love this group. It feels like a nice group of friends. And a special thank you to you, like Connie said, for posting great informative article links.


We all have to remember, we are not alone, and we are not "crazy". Sometimes family and friends, as supportive as they may be, get tired of hearing the complaints. So we bring it here, where we know others are feeling the same, many times worse, but we all just get it.

Thank you, everyone!

Amen to not feeling crazy, alone, complainers, and knowing EVERYONE here “gets it” Thanks to all.


And special thanks to you, SK. You really are a driving force in keeping discussions going.

Yes, special thank you to you, SK! Your topics and care…both very special! :slight_smile:

sadymay said:

Amen to not feeling crazy, alone, complainers, and knowing EVERYONE here "gets it" Thanks to all.

Special thanks to my friend Terri (Tez) the founding moderator who built this site! Hope you are well and happy!

Thanks everyone for your kind words, but it takes all members to make the site work! Every time you post a discussion, or respond to one, you help keep the site moving!