New to group

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I am enjoying reading all of the discussions. Although Sjogrens can be different for each of us there are still many things we share. So I look forward to the wealth of information that everyone is sharing. Thank you to all. Seems we get a lot more info from our groups than our doctors sometimes.

Hi AFA. Welcome!! I'm glad you are finding it a good place for info and support. This site has been a great place for that for me too.

Hi there-newbie also, seems like a great web site-support group. And yes , sure does seem we get more info with this approach verses doctors.

Hi Lisa. It is a nice thing to get info from people that are living it. I've gotten some great tips for the little things like dealing with the cold, etc in ways I hadn't thought of. And everyone here "gets it" in ways that the people around you don't always understand. Don't hesitate to start a discussion topic if there is something you have a question about.